Top 10 Music Videos | Cory Monteith Reactions

Music to Your Ears from last week featured the conclusion of the discussion of Music Videos, as well as Natalie’s Top 10 Music Videos. She picked some great ones, some surprising ones, and she did some really awesome stuff in this episode.

This episode also features reactions to the death of Glee star Cory Monteith.

I watched Glee Season 1 excitedly. My High School experience, at times, was very similar to those that happened on-screen on Glee. Now, I didn’t come from the diverse, city-school that is painted on the show, I was at a rural country high-school, but I was constantly involved in music. I took choir only once, but sang at choir concerts and contests my whole high-school career. My friends were all involved in music, show-choir, marching band, jazz, drama, musicals, and the like. We sang all the time. And we had our fair share of troubles.

Cory Monteith was part of what made Glee work so well the first season. He had the All-American (Canadian?) thing happening that really pulled all of the people on the show down to the level that most of us easily associated with. His personality and attitude in public, as well as on the show, helped it become a nationwide phenom. Somewhere between Season 1 and Season 2 that was lost, and the show suffered. As we learned more and more about Cory, it became clear that substance abuse was a big part of his life and his personal character. Because of the media and how we digest stories like this as a culture, it took on an “only a matter of time” vibe for me very quickly. This year when he entered rehab, I had a “I’m glad he’s getting help” series of thoughts, and figured that he must be on the right track. When the news came out that he had died, I was shocked.

I wasn’t surprised. I was shocked. There is a difference. As the owner of a company that gets a lot of its material from TV and Movies, it’s hard not to be upset at the death of someone who had a truly important role that helped changed the TV landscape. Glee did that. Don’t kid yourself if you don’t believe that to be true. Glee could have easily been a watered-down version of the plot from American Pie (Show Choir was a big part of the story, remember), but instead it was able to create a new genre and characteristic of Television.

It will be interesting to see what the show does to honor and remember him. It will be incredibly hard for that cast to go back to work. The sad truth is a young man died. The situation seems like a bad one. We’re remembering him for his role, and his hand in helping put music back on TV, and inspiring a lot of kids out there who otherwise wouldn’t have wanted to perform music.

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