The Walking Dead: The Oath

AMC has pulled back the curtain on The Oath, a Greg Nicotero-directed 3-part installment of The Walking Dead’s excellent webisode series.

Focusing on a pair of survivors searching for safety, the webisdes will appear on as a part of fall season.

Here is what Nicotero had to say about the webisodes:

“The webisodes give us a unique opportunity to see other parts of the ravaged world of The Walking Dead while weaving in and out of our show. The crossover between The Oath and The Walking Dead ties in one of the most iconic images from the series, and gives us insights and history to yet another timeline.”

Want to see more details?  Our friends at Comic Book Movie have them for you.

Have you checked out the previous Webisodes?  Tell us what you thought of them.  Are you excited for more?  The concept sounds awesome, but we want to hear from you.  Hit the comments below and BE HEARD!

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