The End of Breaking Bad and Why It’s Important

This Sunday we start the final episodes of Breaking Bad on AMC. I suppose it’s the second half of Season 5, but the point that is important is that this is it. It’s the end of era? Right?

Breaking Bad is an extremely interesting topic. Overall, there aren’t many people who have a lot of bad things to say about it. It’s an interesting thought compared to when the show launched and we were expecting a show about Meth, a school teacher and Cancer. There wasn’t a ton of info out there, but it was a drug show. That was it. Weeds had been on the air for a couple years at this point, so there was intrigue, but the thought of drama was absolutely interesting, especially coming from a guy who had done a lot of really good writing for The X-Files.

I watched the first episode when it premiered. And that was it. I didn’t watch anymore.

After Season 3 I became interested. I watched the first 5 episodes on Netflix. But I stopped again. I really don’t know why, because I loved what I was watching.

In the lead up to Season 5, it was obvious that I owed the show at least a final attempt. So I hit Netflix hard. I watched the first 4 seasons very quickly, in about 2 weeks. It finally had the impact on me that it had on others. I was lucky to have Season 4 become available on Netflix right as I was finishing Season 3 without planning for that. Season 5.0 was the first that I watched as it happened. And it was special. I was upset with myself for not watching the rest as it aired.

Breaking Bad could go down as one of the best shows of all-time, if the final 8 episodes play out like we expect them to. This isn’t something I say lighting. Entertainment in general is something that is often categorized into best-of lists, and for the most part I don’t buy into them. I believe that each person makes their own list and my goal as a creator of entertainment is to make it into a couple people’s lists. Not the lists that are published in the fancy magazines, but someone’s list that they tell their friends. Breaking Bad has a chance to top my list, and I feel like I’m not alone.

In the video I mention that my favorite TV show of all time is Six Feet Under. It was the first major show to have an impact on me, and it was when I started caring about acting, story, twists, plot, emotion, look, feel, cameras, actors, and what went into a show to make it special. There are plenty of examples or special shows, and my list includes comedy, drama, everything.

Breaking Bad has all of those things to a similar degree, and if the resolution is good, it has a chance to be more. Breaking Bad is special because it managed to do something that hadn’t been done very well and make it an excellent vehicle for engrossing entertainment. Take a protagonist who is easily liked, put him in an unbelievable environment, and make him become an antagonist through his actions and intentions. Walter White had the right intentions and was put in a unbelievable circumstance that created Heisenberg, and Heisenberg grew to be the perfect antagonist through his actions, eventually shifting Walter’s intentions. It’s been an incredible journey.

Here is what we want to know. What do you think is going to happen in the final episodes? What is the final outcome? Is there something that you are hoping for? Tell us in the comments below.

We’ll be posting commentary and conversation about each episode on our YouTube channel, and you can expect some awesome content as we get closer and closer to the end.

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