The Avengers Part 2

We certainly hope they don’t decide to call the second Avengers movies Part 2. But if they do, at least we’ll have this sweet Follow Networks link that should make us a ton of money because of the…..ok. Probably not.

Today is a big day. It’s IRON MAN 3 DAY!!!

Are you going to see it? Did you go see it? Well…How was it?

We’ll be posting our review, commentary, and fun on a special Instant Film Review later in the week. But before we get there, we have to complete our journey through Marvel Phase 1. It has been an awesome journey, and we are excited to bring it to an end.

If you haven’t listened through the rest of the episodes, you can find them here on the website or on iTunes. Maybe while you are there you can review the show? 5 Stars? That would be so awesome, and a big help.

Starting next week iFILMr is back to general movie reviewing. Do you have an idea for our next mini-series event? Tell us in the comments below!

As always, thanks for listening.

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