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Come Work With Us

Follow Networks started as a single podcast.  We started the podcast to talk about the things that inspired us and the things that made us sit down with each other and create things.  Things like stories, ideas for movies, ideas for cartoons and shirts and comic-books.  That’s why we started doing shit.

Now we are asking you to join the process.

Going forward, we’re transitioning into a new space.  We’re forming a collaborative media company, and we need your help.

Going forward, we’re going to be asking for your help on a lot of projects.  We’re going to make movies, web-series, mini-series, shorts, comic-books, t-shirts, and a lot more.  We’ll be asking for your input at each step of the process.  If the final product uses your material, you’ll be compensated.  People who write and provide material in the later stages of production will get a share of the profits.  People whose interactions in the early stages lead to new ideas and concepts will receive gift cards and cool stuff, and again, potentially part of the profit.  We’ll lay that out for you later, but I wanted to avoid the legal speak for now.

So, here is what we are working on RIGHT NOW.  You can be involved starting today.  All you have to do is react, answer questions, and provide feedback.  Currently, we’re working on:

A Web-Series about a zombie.  We need to know what you think a zombie looks like, and what you think a zombie doesn’t look like.

A comic-book set in the same universe as the web-series.  We need to know what you think the zombie virus would do in wildlife.  An obvious existing example is the dogs from Resident Evil.

A second comic-book.  We need some ideas for locations for epic battles.

And we are in the earliest stages of a web-series, potentially a short film, about a group of unexpected heroes.  We’ll be opening up the conversation lines about this one soon.

How can you stay on top of things?  Follow us on Tumblr.  We’ll be posting all of our needs here.  We’ll also be using YouTube to talk about projects and what we are doing and needing.  Finally, we’ll be using email as our main communication line for this process.  You can join our email list at our website,www.followthe.tv, and we’ll be communicating weekly about what we are working on.

We’ll be providing a lot of ways to be involved with each project, from behind-the-scenes opportunities and chances to be in shows, to making promotional posters and exclusive extras for each project.

We can’t wait to work with you.  We’re excited.  We want you to be excited.


See the original post on our Tumblr.  Sign up for the email list using the form to the left.

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