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Did you follow along with Comic-Con news this weekend?

We tried our hardest to be at Comic-Con this year, but through all the registration and processes we didn’t get badges. Needless to say, just like the rest of you, we were glued to the news sites and YouTube channels watching the news come in about all the new and awesome stuff that is going to be happening.

Probably the biggest news came from the DC Universe, where we learned that a Superman/Batman movie will be dropping in 2015, followed by a stand-alone Flash movie in 2016, and finally, The Justice League will hit theaters in 2017. This is super exciting for DC fans, and is interesting from the standpoint of the Superman/Batman movie. What will it be? What will it look like? Who is going to play Batman? What will Batman look like? You’ll hear me talk about it on MadChat, but I’m not a huge Superman fan, so it makes me a little nervous thinking about the enormous task of fitting to mega-star superheroes into one movie. At the very least, I can’t wait to see them try. I’m also really interested in a Flash movie. There has been some talk recently about how Charlie Hunnam from Sons of Anarchy has done some screen testing and concept testing for the movie. Whether this is rumor, or just simply basic Hollywood “can you do this for us” work, the thought of him as the Flash is actually very interesting and he seems to fit the part very well.

Hope you enjoy MadChat this week. We have some Florida Sucks for you, we have the Stupid Laws of Arizona, lots of Comic-Con, we talk about The Bridge a little, which we’ll cover more on YouTube in the next couple days, and a lot of the same banter that you’ve come to love and expect. Right?

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