Ninja Turtles – Dawn of the Ninja

Looking for something to read this week, or next week during the holiday if you are in the US.

I suggest checking out Ninja Turtles – Dawn of the Ninja.
Taking a Batman Begins like look at the TMNT world, Dawn of the Ninja is a cool look into the history and beginning of the Turtles.  The art is fantastic, and the book is a crazy success.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it got picked up by IDW.  One can hope right?

Head on over to read Dawn of the Ninja.

Here is the synopsis from the creators, as well as some images from the work:

Following a series of shocking events occurring in Japan more than thirty years ago, two stories are set in motion that transcend the corners of the globe in search of definitive clarity to the ever so mystifying question: What is a NINJA? The first story follows young Oroku Saki (Shredder) throughout the beginning of his life as he battles with the haunting death of his father, Oroku Nagi, and the feelings of retribution that eventually warp his perception of honor. The second centers on the Ninja Turtles and April O’Neal as they attempt to unearth a disturbing mystery, the transformation of Baxter Stockman into a new and exceptionally dangerous mutant. At the same time, Raphael grapples with the significance of his existence and the duty of preserving the selfless legacy set forth by Master Splinter’s fallen owner, Hamato Yoshi. Both stories are told in juxtaposing narratives that focus highly on the human elements of vengeance and honor, while maintaining the charming fundamentals that have positioned the Ninja Turtles as true American icons. In the end, both tales finally converge, and from the resulting, climatic wake, a fierce and everlasting rivalry is born.

Dawn of the Ninja is available here.

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