Iron Man 3

This week on iFILMr we are covering Iron Man 3.

I’ve talked to a lot of people about this flick and noticed a number of reactions. I will immediately come out and say that both Matt and I loved this movie. It has so many great elements that solidify it as a great movie, not just a great superhero movie. It could just as easily be called Tony Stark instead of Iron Man 3, as the focus on human emotion and interaction in the movie is much greater.

The other interesting thing to note about this movie right off the top is that a movie like this would not have worked in Marvel Phase 1. This is a big gamble of a movie, and that gamble pays off. Rather than going for something safe and easy, Shane Black took a chance, made some changes, and created a movie that absolutely shines for many reasons that are completely different than previous Marvel movies. That is an accomplishment.

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